5 Everyday Carry Pieces That Are Perfect for Your Customers' Pockets

  • Feb 5, 2019


Practitioners of everyday carry (also known as EDC) are on a constant quest to find the perfect products to fill their pockets. Search #EDC or #everydaycarry on Instagram and you’ll find millions of photos for inspiration! With so many people out there looking to not only find the best EDC products but also photograph them, we thought it would be good for you to consider trying out these EDC-themed promotional products.

1. Pocket Knife

The number one EDC product, without a doubt, is a pocket knife. When it comes to useful tools, it doesn’t get much more important than a trusted blade. Let’s say you are stranded on an island like Tom Hanks in Castaway. If you have a knife you can fish, hunt, shave, pick your fingernails, create those lemon-twist garnishes that go in snazzy cocktails. The possibilities are endless!


2. Compact Mirror


Yep, a simple pocket mirror can be one of the smartest survival tools. A.) You’ll survive that post-brunch meeting by keeping food out of your teeth. B.) Any EDC aficionado will tell you that a mirror being so reflective makes it a great tool for starting fires and signaling help if you are stranded. Or if you just want to flash some sunlight in the lady’s eyes on the other side of the patio bar who stole your parking spot. 


3. Paracord Bracelet

Campers, climbers, and hikers swear by the utility of paracord bracelets. Made out of 9 feet of cord, the bracelet can be turned into a tourniquet, cut up for use in securing shelter, or used as a bowstring to create fire.


4. Pocket Wallet

With all of this fun stuff filling up your pockets, you might want to go a bit more minimalist with your wallet. We really dig pocket wallets that have just enough room for a few credit cards, your ID, and an interior pocket for cash.  There are versions of the pocket wallet that range from rugged to retro.


5. Space Pen

This is literally a pen designed for people to use in space. How cool is that? Super cool, y’all. Some might even say it’s out of this world. Your customers will think so, too. Hook them up with this super cool space pen and it will become a staple of their everyday carry. Plus, like the rest of these products on the list, they’ll be staring at your generous brand the entire time.


Looking for more ideas for EDC-themed promotional products? Just look us up and we’ll be glad to help.


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